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Evergreen trees and shrubs are among the select variety of plants that offer plenty of unique benefits. The dense canopy of these trees helps reduce visual effects, make for effective windbreaks, provide shelter for a variety of wildlife and assist in noise reduction. The foliage of evergreen trees is also present all year (hence evergreen) thereby offering year-round beauty and colour for your outdoors.

North Harbour Big Tree Company provide a quality range of evergreen trees including Australian Bush Cherry, Bottlebrush and Magnolia. Our trees can enhance the look of your garden and provide year-round foliage.

In order for evergreen trees in NZ to look their best, proper planting, fertilising, watering and pruning is necessary to maintain the best shape and canopy growth year round.

As a trusted provider of tree planting services in Auckland, we want you to find the best tree for your garden. You can contact our team of tree specialists to determine the best evergreen species for your garden/yard or green space. We are also happy to give you advice about correct care and maintenance of your evergreen trees as this is important while trees are still young.

Agathis Australis (NZ Kauri)
Slow growing slender pyramidal shape. Tolerates wind. 6 x 2.5m ...more

Agathis Robusta (Queensland Kauri)
Fast Growing..Larger leaves than NZ Kauri. Erect pyramidal tree. Young leaves are bronze. 10-15m ...more

Alectryon Excelsus (Titoki)
Spreading tree with a black trunk, new growth is pink. Mature leaves deep green.Grows to 7mx4m ...more

Alnus Jorullensis (Evergreen Alder)
Ideal shelter trees, fast growing. Pale gray bark, mid green foliage. Grows 6mx4m ...more

Callistemon Kings Park Special (Bottlebrush)
Vigorous grower. Bright red flower spikes during spring and summer, birds love it. Grows 3mx3m. ...more

Callistemon Red Cluster (Bottlebrush )
Vigorous rounded form. Crimson flower head. Hardy. Grows 3mx2m. ...more

Callistemon Western Glory Bottlebrush
Cerise pink flowers in spring and autumn Hardy Grows 3m x 3m ...more

Assorted varieties $65.00 Takanini Japonica 1.3m $65 Red Setsugekka 1.4m -1.6m $46 ...more

Cordyline Australis (Cabbage Tree)
Arching sword like deep green leaves, forming a broad head and clean trunk. Grows 6x2m ...more

Corynocarpus Laevigatus (Karaka)
Leathery dark green glossy foliage. Suits coastal conditions. Berries toxic. Grows 5mx3m. ...more

Dacrycarpus Dacrydioides (Kahikatea/White Pine)
Tall native tree that grows well in swampy areas. Grows 7mx4m. ...more

Dacrydium Cupressinum (Rimu)
Slow growing 6 x 3m ...more

Eugenia/Syzigium Australe (Australian Bush Cherry)
Spreading tree with fragrant myrtle type flowers fast growing, purple berries Grows 7mx5m. ...more

Ficus Tuffi
Attractive light green, glossy, slightly wrinkled leaves. Easily clipped into a hedge. ...more

Griselinia Littoralis Broadway Mint (Kapuka)
Shiny broad leaves. Good for containers or screening. Hardy, good coastal. Grows 3mx2m. ...more

Griselinia Lucida (Akapuka)
Broad fresh green leathery leaves.Frost tender when young. Evergreen 2x1m ...more

Hymenosporum Flavum (Australian frangipani)
Open branching tree smothered in scented yellow flowers. Shelter from winds. Grows 6mx3m. ...more

Knightia Excelsa - Rewarewa
An attractive and slender growing native. The flowers closely resemble bottlebrush but are a distinctive maroon, sweet smelling. Birds love nectar. Thrives on poor free draining poor clay soils. Prefers full sunlight. Fast growing, excellent small garden tree as it does not grow too wide. 15x3 ...more

Laurus Nobilis (Bay Laurel)
Hardy, suits coastal areas. Compact pyramidal shrub. Dark green aromatic foliage.Grows 4mx3m. we also have pride of Provence in PB95 .75-1.m ...more

Leptospermum Macrocarpum Copper Sheen (Australian Tea Tree)
Wispy tree with bronze glossy foliage. Hardy and tolerates most conditions. Grows 3mx2m. ...more

Magnolia Grandiflora Ferruginea (Evergreen Magnolia)
Large glossy green foliage with rust colour underleaf. Large fragrant white flowers. Grows 7mx5m. ...more

Magnolia Grandiflora Little Gem
Small compact narrowly columnar tree. Creamy white flowers produced freely. Grows 5mx4m. ...more

Meryta Sinclairii (New Zealand Puka )
Ideal tropical specimen. Large leathery leaves. Suits coastal areas. Grows 4mx3m. ...more

Metrosideros Excelsa (Pohutukawa)
Slow growing. Leathery green leaf, gray underleaf. Red flowers. Suits coastal areas.Grows 8mx5m. ...more

Metrosideros Maori Princess (Pohutukawa)
This selected form of pohutukawa has a bold dark green leaf and a bright crimson flower. Appears to have a more upright habit. 8mx4m ...more

Metrosideros Springfire (Pohutukawa)
Smaller growing pohutukawa with orange red flowers. Grows 3-4x3m ...more

Michelia Figo (Port Wine Magnolia)
Dense multi stemmed bush with small fresh green glossy leaves.Small flowers are ivory tinged yellow with the base and margin tinged purple.Strongly scented H 2.5mx2m ...more

Michelia Star Bright
Horizontal branching to for a pyramidal tree. Beautiful dark green leaves with crisp white open flowers. Grows to 4m ...more

Olea El Grecco (Olive)
Green-gray foliage, good quality preserving fruit. Ideal for coastal planting.Grows 8mx5m. ...more

Photinia Red Robin
Fast growing. Ideal for hedging or as a specimen tree. Bright red new shoots. 2.5 x 1.5m ...more

Pittosporum Crassifolium (Karo)
Coastal, flowers, dark crimson to purple, very hardy.Grows 3mx2m ...more

Pittosporum Eugenoides (Lemonwood)
Fast grower. Good for blocking effect. Crushed green leaves smell lemony. Grows 5mx3m. ...more

Pittosporum Eugenoides Variegata (Variegated Lemonwood)
Compact grower. Grey green leaf margined creamy white.Grows 2mx1.5m. ...more

Pittosporum Stephens Island
Dense compact tree. Deep dark green scented foliage. Attracts bees/birds. Coastal 4m x 3m ...more

Pittosporum Tenuifolium Variegata (Variegated Kohuhu)
Light grey green leaves edged creamy white.Vigorous growing habit easily pruned to shape. 3mx2m ...more

Pittosporum Tenuifolium (Kohuhu)
Small green leaves, good for hedging. Evergreen 5 x 3m ...more

Pittosporum Tenuifolium Mountain Green
Lovely compact growth habit. Foliage is small rounded fresh green leaves.Grows 2.5mx2m. ...more

Podocarpus Totara (Totara)
Small pointed leaves are dull bronzy green. Slow growing, but a hardy tree.Native. Grows 6mx5m. ...more

Podocarpus Totara - Matapouri Blue
Stunning.... Winter foliage rich blue grey. Lime green in spring....Excellent as specimen tree. Full sun H 3 x 2m ...more

Podocarpus Totara Aurea (Golden Totara)
Graceful branches covered in small golden yellow pointed leaves. Slow growing. Grows 5mx3m. ...more

Radermachera Sinica (Canton Lace/China Doll)
Small tree crowned with dark green leaflets which sometimes have a brown tinge.Trumpet shaped white flowers through spring and summer. Grows to 4mx2m ...more

Sophora Chathamica (Coastal Kowhai)
Profusion of 3cm long,golden yellow nectar filled flowers Aug-Nov. Aproaches Tetraptera in size and unlike microphylla, does not go through juvenile tangle of shoots. Larger leaves are more densely packed on stem. Tolerant of windy and dry positions. Flowers from Aug- November. Grows 5mx3m. ...more

Sophora Fulvida (West Coast Kowhai)
Smaller growing, neat spreading form. Grey green leaves tolerate moderate coastal conditions.. Large golden spring flowers Oct-Nov. Nectar loved by birds. 3m ...more

Sophora Microphylla (Kowhai)
Small leaves and tangled juvenile growth. Golden-yellow tubular flowers appear during spring. 5m x 3m ...more

Sophora Tetraptera (Kowhai)
Larger leaves and flowers than microphylla ... Golden yellow spring flowers attract nectar seeking birds. Sun-semi shade Flowers from Oct-Dec 4m ...more

Vitex Lucens (Puriri)
Dark glossy green leaves. Tolerant of wind and coastal areas. Grows 6mx5m. ...more

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