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North Harbour Big Tree Company offers a wide range of fruit trees

It is not necessary to have an orchard to enjoy organic and home-grown fruits. If you do not have the space to accommodate a full orchard, one or two fruit trees can be a great addition to your landscape.

With fruit trees from our company you can enjoy fruit from your own garden and take pride in the fact you grew it yourself. It is so easy to enjoy all the benefits of fruit trees for a low cost and a small amount of maintenance. To name just a few, North Harbour Big Tree’s range of fruit trees includes:

  • Plum
  • Fig
  • Apple
  • Feijoa
  • Persimmon
  • Nut

Enjoy the juicy life with NZ grown citrus trees from North Harbour Big Tree Company. Contact us today for Mandarin, Orange, Lemon and Limes.

North Harbour Big Tree Company is the name you can trust for tree delivery and planting services within the greater Auckland area.

APPLE - Braeburn Semi Dwarf)
Sweet and tangy eating. Good heavy cropper. ...more

APPLE - Granny Smith Apple (Semi Dwarf)
Large crisp apple with distinctive flavour. Very good for cooking or eating. ...more

APPLE - Royal Gala (Semi Dwarf)
Sweet and juicy flavour,good crisp eating apple. Regular and reliable. ...more

Apple -Golden Delicious
Sweet, juicy, crisp flesh. Heavy cropper. ...more

Apple Dual - Peasgood/Royal Gala
Good eating ...more

Apple- Harold Red Delicious
Crisp white flesh. Good for cooking or deesert Ripens March ...more

Feijoa - Apollo
large long fruit. Light green skin. Moderately upright, does best with pollinator. Fruits April ...more

FEIJOA - Mammoth
Very nice eating. An excellent dwarf, easily managed fruit salad plant which bears large fruit up to 300 grams in weight. The fruit bear a firm texture and keeps well. Ideal for coastal conditions ...more

FIG - Brown Turkey
Light amber flesh, green skin. Good cropper in warm districts. Maturity - March, April ...more

FIG - French Sugar
Red flesh,green skin. Great cropper in warm districts. Long season. ...more

LEMON - Meyer
Widely grown in NZ. Suitable for all sized gardens and containers. Easily pruned. 4 x 3m ...more

Lemon - Yen Ben
Dark green leaves and a good bearer of fruit. ...more

Lime - Bearss Lime
Acidic variety of the Tahitian lime. Small fruit thin skinned deep green turning yellow. ...more

Easy peel Satsuma ,medium sized flattened fruit, seedless. Good for garden or container. ...more

Freestone, golden fleshed and sweet.Healthy vigorous cropper. ...more

NECTARINE - Goldmine
Sweet white flesh, skin red over green. Fruit usually ready to eat in February. ...more

NUT - Almond - All in One
Soft shell, sweet and full of flavour. Self fertile. ...more

NUT - Almond - Mona Vale
Strong flavour, hard shell. Self fertile ...more

NUT - Chestnut no 1005
Medium to large sweet nuts, heavy crops on large trees. Self fertile ...more

NUT - Walnut Wilson Wonder
Vigorous tree that bears fruit at a young age. Heavy crop of large nuts ...more

ORANGE - Carters Naval
Juicy seedless fruit. Ripens Aug, fruit will remain juicy on tree 2-3mth. Great flavour. Sunny position ...more

ORANGE - Fukumoto
Sweet juicy naval orange. Ripens late winter. prefers sunny well drained fertile soil. 1.75 x 1.25m ...more

Orange - Leu Gim Gong
Valencia type orange with thin skin and few pips. Very juicy. Ripens summer. ...more

PEACH - Black Boy
Port wine flesh, red to black skin. Very sweet and juicy. Shows resistance to leaf curl ...more

PEACH - Golden Queen
Good for bottling.Golden skin.Ripens around March. ...more

Golden flesh and skin with a red blush. This fuzzless fruit is ready late January. ...more

Pear - Conference Dwarf
Heavy Cropper - self fertile. Fruits Feb ...more

Pear - Red Bartlett Dwarf
Medium to heavy early cropper. Self fertile. ...more

Pear - Winter Cole Dwarf
Dessert quality. Good keeper pollinate with William Bon Chretien. Mid season fruiting. ...more

Pear - Winter Nellis Dwarf
Long keeping dessert quality fruit. Light russet skin. Ripens March. Pollinate with William bon Chretien ...more

PEAR Dual Pear - Doyenne Du Comice/Conference
Good flavour and good cropper. ...more

PEAR Dual Pear - William Bon Chretien/Conference
Good flavour,ripens February/March ...more

Orange sweet fruit. ...more

PLUM - Burbank
Sweet yellow flesh red yellow skin. Heavy cropper. Maturity - February. Self fertile. ...more

PLUM - Hawera
Probably the best sweet juicy blood red plum. Maturity - January Appears to be self fertile. Great all rounder. ...more

PLUM - Sultan
Large oval,soft and juicy blood red flesh when ripe. Maturity - Mid January Self Fertile ...more

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