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Trees - Native

Cabbage Tree (Cordyline Australis)
Arching sword like deep green leaves, forming a broad head and clean trunk.Grows 6x2m. ...more

Griselinia Littoralis Broadway Mint
Shiny broad leaves. Good for containers or screening. Hardy, good coastal.Grows 3mx2m. ...more

Griselinia Lucida Akapuka
Hardy and easy to grow. Leaves are a rich deep green broad shape,thick and leathery. 2mx1m ...more

Kahikatea - White Pine (Dacrycarpus Dacrydioides)
Tall native tree that grows well in swampy areas. Grows 7mx4m. ...more

Karaka (Corynocarpus Laevigatus)
Leathery dark green glossy foliage. Suits coastal conditions. Berries toxic .Grows 8mx5m. ...more

Kowhai (Sophora Microphylla)
Smaller leaves, golden yellow 45mm flowers. Grows 5mx3m. ...more

Kowhai (Sophora Tetraptera)
Small tree with slender graceful habit. Bear golden yellow flowers. Grows 4mx3m. ...more

New Zealand Puka (Meryta Sinclairii)
Ideal tropical specimen. Large leathery leaves. Suits coastal areas.Grows 4mx3m. ...more

NZ Kauri (Agathis Australis)
Slow growing slender pyramidal shape. Tolerates wind.Native. Grows to 6mx2m ...more

Pittosporum Crassifolium
Coastal, flowers, dark crimson to purple, very hardy.Grows 3mx2m. ...more

Pittosporum Eugenoides - Lemonwood
Fast grower. Good for blocking effect. Crushed green leaves smell lemony.Grows 5mx3m. ...more

Pittosporum Tenuifolium - Kohuhu
Small green leaves, good for hedging. Evergreen 5 x 3m ...more

Pittosporum Tenuifolium Mountain Green
Lovely compact growth habit. Foliage is small rounded fresh green leaves.Grows 2.5mx2m. ...more

Pohutukawa (Metrosideros Excelsa)
Slow growing. Leathery green leaf, gray underleaf. Red flowers. Suits coastal areas.Native. Grows 8mx5m. ...more

Pohutukawa Spring Fire
Bright orange-red blossom in August-November.Grows 3-4mx3m. ...more

Pseudopanax Gold Splash
Erect multi branched bushy habit. Leathery glossy green leaves are heavily splashed yellow. 3mx1m ...more

Pseudopanax Lessonii Purpurea
Leathery leaves are purple on the top ...more

Puriri (Vitex Lucens)
Dark glossy green leaves. Tolerant of wind and coastal areas.Grows 6mx5m. ...more

Slow growing graceful native tree.Grows 6mx3m. ...more

Spreading tree with a black trunk, new growth is pink. Mature leaves deep green. Grows to 7mx4m. ...more

Small pointed leaves are dull bronzy green. Slow growing, but a hardy tree. Grows 6mx5m. ...more

Totara - Golden
Graceful branches covered in small golden yellow pointed leaves. Slow growing.Grows 5mx3m. ...more

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