North Harbour Big Tree Company

The Right Trees

North Harbour Big Tree Company is a name you can trust for big, beautiful trees in New Zealand, trees that are ready for planting. Our horticulturists work with clients to plant species that are sure to thrive in your chosen location. We consider local climate, soil conditions as well as short and long-term property goals. We can help you decide what tree to plant, how to plant and where to plant it.

Our Range of Trees

We provide a large range of New Zealand native trees including Pohutukawa, Titoki, Puriri and Griselinias to name just a few from our selection. Covering a range of species, our trees can add value and beauty to your home. Planting new trees also means increasing quality of life by bringing natural habitats back into the urban setting. In addition to offering a range of native and specimen trees, North Harbour Big Trees also offers palms, deciduous, evergreen, citrus and fruit trees. Check out the palms on offer from North Harbour Big Tree Company.

Trust North Harbour Tree Big Company to help you find the right trees for your needs. Call us today for big and stunning New Zealand and Auckland trees. We provide a delivery and planting service within the greater Auckland area. When you contact us, we will discuss your landscape goals and provide recommendations for plant care.

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